Two Charged in Rock Hill Assault Involving Baseball Bats

Two people have been charged in an assault that took place in Rock Hill on Sunday.

According to reports, the incident began when a youth who was at an apartment pool at 2357 Eden Terrace told her parents that she had been insulted and called “ugly” by a man at the pool.

After this report, the parents of the youth reportedly approached the man, who was relaxing at the side of the pool, and began attacking him.

A witness to the event called police who responded to the scene. Police were able to view video footage that had been taken of the incident and saw the two individuals strike the man repeatedly, using their fists, feet, and a baseball bat to attack him. The man was also sprayed with pepper spray during the attack.

The man, identified as the victim, told police that before the incident he was being harassed by several young people at the pool, and was then subsequently attacked by the two parents.

As a result of the incident, police have charged the couple with assault. 44-year-old John Thomas Givens was charged with second-degree assault after using his fists and bat to hit the victim.

37-year-old Leslie Brown Givens was charged with second-degree assault after using pepper spray and kicking the victim.

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