Awareness is a key part of any crime prevention strategy as well as an important overall theme for our website. It is impossible to prevent crime if one is unaware of its presence or threat, which is why we believe that awareness is pivotal in repressing criminal activity.

As you become more aware of criminal activity, you will learn what do to if you are affected by a crime. Being alert at all times, improving at recognizing crime, and knowing how to react to crime are all precursors to crime awareness.

We have included some information on how awareness of a particular crime can lead to combating that problem. This month’s topic is cybercrime.

One of the growing trends in modern crime is known as cybercrime. Cybercrime may refer to any number of criminal activities that utilize the internet. Some of these crimes include hacking, identity theft, and intellectual property theft. Basically, the crimes are nothing new – theft, fraud, and harassment have been taking place for years, but the execution of these crimes is different. For example, rather than picking your pocket for a wallet or credit card, cybercrime criminals may use the internet to trick you into giving out personal sensitive information, such as your bank account numbers or your PIN number.

To prevent cybercrime from happening to you, we have included a list from the FBI, who battles cybercriminals everyday:

  • Never give personal information via email. Almost no legitimate bank or other company will ask for your information by way of an email.
  • Start using a phishing filter if you’re not already, and keep it updated.
  • Don’t ever attempt to browse a secure site by clicking on a link from an e-mail. It is always better to manually enter the URL into your browser.
  • Always end your browsing session by logging out of all accounts. This prevents others from gaining access to your account after you have closed the window.

By using caution and taking these basic steps, you can drastically reduce your chances of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

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