Bail Bonds Charlotte


When a citizen is arrested a “bond” is posted by the defendant or on behalf of the defendant in what is referred to as a cash bond. Assuming the defendant attends all required court dates, then the depositor of the cash bond will presume ownership of their money once again minus any costs or fees required by the court.

What is bail?

The financial agreement made on behalf of the criminal defendant. A bail bonding agency sets an arrangement with the court on behalf of the criminal defendant to be released from jail prior to trial in exchange for money or assets. The monetary value of the bond is decided upon by the court.

What is the role of a bail bondsmen?

Typically the role of a bail bondsmen is to put up a predetermined sum or fee for the release of the criminal defendant on bail, pending trial. 10% is the general rate in which the bail bondsmen is paid, and this rate is determined by the full amount in which the bail is set. The 10% fee is non refundable even if the suspect is presumed innocent or in the rare occurrence that the case is thrown out of court.

Why would I need a bail agent?

If you are not able to come up with the exact compensation for your bail then chances are you will need to appoint a bail agent. As mentioned above you will typically yield 10% of the set bail amount as compensation for the agent taking on liability of the full bail amount.


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