Boy Reported Safe After Being Kidnapped by His Father

An Iredell County boy was reported safe after his dad hired four individuals to kidnap him this week.

The father, Ricky Thomas, had hired four people from a transport company to find the boy, restrain him, and take him in their van to Massachusetts. According to reports, the father had gone with the group of people to West Iredell High School the day of the kidnapping to find the boy. After discovering that he was not at the school, they drove to the boy’s residence on West Iredell Circle instead.

A witness saw a group of people in a blue minivan as well as a brown SUV enter the house, restrain the boy, and forcibly put him in the minivan. The caller reported the incident to police and said that the minivan had driven in the direction of Old Mountain Road.

Police were able to find the van on surveillance footage and send out an alert to law enforcement around the country. Police later located the minivan in Virginia, and Virginia State Police were able to stop the vehicle, arrest the four individuals inside, and take the boy to the Virginia Department of Social Services until he can be returned to his family. Police also found zip ties in the vehicle that they suspect were used to restrain the boy. 

The four suspects arrested in Virginia were Lorraine Colpitts, 59, from Brewer, Maine; Michael Warman, 38, from Bangor, Maine; Tony Winslow, 49, from Kingwood, Texas; and Mickey Mitton, 32, from Bangor, Maine. They were all charged with felony restraint and felony breaking and entering.

The father, Ricky Thomas, 36, has not yet been apprehended, and police around the country are now on the lookout for him. He is wanted for charges of conspiracy to commit felony restraint and felony breaking and entering.

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