Carjacking and Car Chase Ends in Crash

A carjacking in east Charlotte turned into a police chase, and later a crash as the suspect lost control of the stolen vehicle.

According to reports, the victim had called police after they had been robbed at gunpoint of their vehicle in the 11000 block of Education Way. The suspect had then fled the scene in the stolen vehicle. Police got a description of the vehicle and then began a search for it. When they found the car, the suspect was still inside. Police then initiated a pursuit.

Police pursued the vehicle to the intersection of East W.T. Harris Boulevard and Hickory Grove Road. The suspect tried to make a left turn, lost control of the car, and crashed into power pole near the Rite Aid. According to reports, several other cars may have been involved in crashes during, and because of, the high speed chase, but no information is available regarding these incidents.

Police were able to apprehend the suspect after the crash, but no further information was made available about the suspect.

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