Charlotte Elementary School Closed Due to Investigation

Police announced on Monday night that a Charlotte elementary school would be closed on Tuesday due to a police investigation in the area.

The elementary school in question, Sterling Elementary School is located in the 9600 block of China Grove Church Road near the intersection of East Westinghouse Boulevard and South Boulevard in Pineville. The school was closed after an active investigation and a suspect presented a possible threat to students and staff.

In an effort to take the greatest caution in protecting students and staff at the school, Chief Communications Officer Tracy Russ announced the closure of the school on Tuesday October 10.

Police made another announcement at around 10:00 p.m. to release the information that the suspect in question was apprehended but that the closure would still take place the following day to allow investigations to continue.

Police have not released the circumstances that led up to the arrest, but did say that they would update families regarding the resuming of classes on Wednesday.

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