Clover Parents Arrested After Children Found Living in Poor Conditions

Two parents have been arrested after three children were found living in very filthy conditions in Clover this week.

The discovery was made after a 7-year-old child was found in the middle of a roadway on Lone Tree Lane on Monday. Police arrived on the scene after the driver of a passing vehicle had stopped and taken the child out of the roadway.

When police arrived at the child’s home, they found the home to be in a state of disarray, with feces, trash, and cockroaches filling the home. Three children, ages 7, 14, and 17, were living in the home at the time. Reports indicated that the two youngest children had autism.

Police confronted the mother who said that she had locked her 14-year-old child in her room while she was searching for the 7-year-old. She told police that she often locked the two youngest in their rooms using locks that only open from the outside.

The mother, identified as 37-year-old Vanessa Leanne Travis-Shive was arrested along with the father, 36-year-old Mike Shive. Both were booked into York County Jail where they have pending arrest warrants for felony child neglect. They are being held without bond.

The two youngest children were taken into the custody of S.C. Department of Social Services, while the 17-year-old went to stay with a family friend.

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