Cookie Dough Scam in Charlotte

cic-default-policelinetapePolice say that a scammer has been sending children door to door in the Charlotte area with the pretense of selling cookies and other snacks. However, when the money is delivered, the snacks are not.

Police warned the public this week about the scammer that has been working in their area. The children would come to the door and tell the homeowner about a fundraiser that they were raising money for, promising cookie dough in a couple of weeks. Owners of houses would write checks or hand over money, and the children would leave. Over the next couple of days, the checks would be cashed but the goods would not be delivered.

Members of legitimate fundraisers are now concerned that this will leave a bad taste in the mouth of residents and ultimately hurt their fundraisers. A president of a local PTO spoke out recently regarding these scammers, saying that it undermines what the schools are trying to do. Local schools send children door to door every year to sell snacks to raise money for the school, and now she is afraid that they will get turned away as a result of the scammers.

CMPD says to call police if the situation surrounding any fundraising attempt seems suspicious.

At least five families are believed to have been victims of this scam.

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