Couple Caught Having Sex in Children’s Library


Delonte Brooks, 20, and Kendra Hunter, 18, were caught having sex in the teen lounge at ImaginOn, a children’s library and theater located at 300 E. 7th Street on Tuesday around 3pm.  Fortunately, there were not any children in that area when the incident happened.

Officials with ImaginOn responded to questions about the incident with a brief email response.  “No children or members of the public witnessed the incident – the only witnesses were a Mecklenburg County Security Officer and a Library staff member. 


The incident was discovered by the security officer as part of a regular patrol, and was handled quickly, appropriately and professionally in accordance with security procedures. Due to the security officers’ patrolling patterns, the incident was discovered within one minute of it occurring. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department was there within five minutes of the incident’s discovery.”

Brooks and Hunter were issued a citation by CMPD for ‘indecent exposure’ and were immediately banned from all Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library facilities by the security officer, and were removed from the facility.

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