Crazy, Rock Hill House Party Leads To A Teenage Girl’s Arrest

York County PoliceROCK HILL, S.C. — Complaints about shots fired at a Rock Hill house led deputies to a party, where they arrested a teenager for possession of marijuana and cited another minor for underage drinking this past weekend.

Saturday night, deputies spoke with several neighbors who complained about a loud party, and hearing gunshots going off in “rapid succession,” according to a York County Sheriff’s report.  Police went to the house and found several people sitting in front of the house.

They told police they didn’t know what was going on and hadn’t heard any gunshots, the report states, despite several shell casings being seen on the front porch area. Police called the homeowner, who was out of town and said there shouldn’t be anyone at her house. She added that her 17-year-old daughter might be throwing a party.

Deputies said there were several people in the house, but the doors were locked and the people inside wouldn’t open them, according to the report.  The homeowner called her youngest daughter to open the door for police.

Once inside, officers found several other people, most of them teens and young adults, in the house. They found two joints on the dresser in an upstairs bedroom.

They arrested the 17-year-old girl, charging her with possession of marijuana and minor consumption of alcohol, the report states. They also cited a 20-year-old woman for minor consumption of alcohol, but she was released on the scene.

Police are still investigating, the report indicates.


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