Below are the Union County arrests for 05-16-2018. You may view the mugshots by clicking the navigation arrows below.

Name Barnett, Salek Rashaad
Arrest Date 05/17/2018
Court Case 201804330
Charge Driving While Impaired (M),
Description Barnett, Salek Rashaad (B /M/22) Arrest on chrg of Driving While Impaired (M), at 5099 Weddington Rd/deal Rd, Weddington, NC, on 5/17/2018 00:14.
Arresting Officer Eason, S A

Name Solomon, Christina
Arrest Date 05/17/2018
Court Case 201803508
Charge Domestic Criminal Trespass (M),
Description Solomon, Christina (W /F/33) Arrest on chrg of Domestic Criminal Trespass (M), at 212 Venus St, Monroe, NC, on 5/17/2018 00:24.
Arresting Officer Mcclain, J