Below are the Union County arrests for 08-09-2018. You may view the mugshots by clicking the navigation arrows below.

Name Mckinney, Cameron Steve
Arrest Date 08/10/2018
Court Case 201806960
Charge Driving While Impaired (M),
Description Mckinney, Cameron Steve (W /M/39) Arrest on chrg of Driving While Impaired (M), at 2103 Waxhaw Indian Trail Rd, Indian Trail, NC, on 8/10/2018 00:02.
Arresting Officer Weatherman, J W

Name Mccallum, Richard David
Arrest Date 08/10/2018
Court Case
Charge Order For Arrest Criminal (F),
Description Mccallum, Richard David (B /M/38) Arrest on chrg of Order For Arrest Criminal (F), at 5029 Poplar Glen Dr, Indian Trial, NC, on 8/10/2018 00:17.
Arresting Officer Gross, I