Below are the Union County arrests for 09-13-2018. You may view the mugshots by clicking the navigation arrows below.

Name Jahn, Geoffrey Lawrence
Arrest Date 09/14/2018
Court Case 201807991
Charge 1) Carrying Concealed Gun (M) And 2) Resist, Delay, Obstruct (M),
Description Jahn, Geoffrey Lawrence (W /M/60) Arrest on chrg of 1) Carrying Concealed Gun (M) and 2) Resist, Delay, Obstruct (M), at 6006 Embassy Ct, Wesley Chapel, NC, on 9/14/2018 00:12.
Arresting Officer Plowman, J P

Name Moore, Tanisha Amutalluh
Arrest Date 09/14/2018
Court Case 201806712
Charge Simple Assault (M),
Description Moore, Tanisha Amutalluh (B /F/32) Arrest on chrg of Simple Assault (M), at 413 E Franklin St, Monroe, NC, on 9/14/2018 00:23.
Arresting Officer Brummer, N