Below are the Union County arrests for 03-22-2020. You may view the mugshots by clicking the navigation arrows below.

Name Allen, Joseph Samuel
Arrest Date 03/22/2020
Court Case 202001953
Charge Possess Methamphetamine (F),
Description Allen, Joseph Samuel (W /M/31) Arrest on chrg of Possess Methamphetamine (F), at 1500 Venus St, Monroe, NC, on 3/22/2020 20:13.
Arresting Officer Gwehi, S

Name Carter, Kendall Dover
Arrest Date 03/22/2020
Court Case 202002261
Charge 1) Forgery Of Bank Notes/Checks (F) And 2) Hire To Defraud (M),
Description Carter, Kendall Dover (W /F/30) Arrest on chrg of 1) Forgery Of Bank Notes/checks (F) and 2) Hire To Defraud (M), at 3901 Lancaster Hwy, Monroe, NC, on 3/22/2020 20:31.
Arresting Officer Belk, D W