Below are the Union County arrests for 01-05-2019. You may view the mugshots by clicking the navigation arrows below.

Name Johnson, Marlene Witmore
Arrest Date 01-05-2019
Court Case
Description Johnson, Marlene Witmore (W /F/50) Cited on Charge of Speeding, at Nc 200/tara Dr, Monroe, on 1/5/2019 4:19:00 PM.
Arresting Officer Smith, S M

Name Charo, Timothy Elias
Arrest Date 01/05/2019
Court Case
Charge Probation Violation, M (M),
Description Charo, Timothy Elias (W /M/32) Arrest on chrg of Probation Violation, M (M), at 3344 Presson Rd, Monroe, NC, on 1/5/2019 12:29.
Arresting Officer Eubanks, J M

Name Player, Samuel Keith
Arrest Date 01/05/2019
Court Case 201900137
Charge Trespass – 2Nd Deg (M),
Description Player, Samuel Keith (W /M/35) Arrest on chrg of Trespass – 2nd Deg (M), at 5006 Pleasant Grove Rd, Mineral Springs, NC, on 1/5/2019 14:13.
Arresting Officer Deese, J P