Below are the Union County arrests for 02-09-2019. You may view the mugshots by clicking the navigation arrows below.

Name Vernon, Amy Shiree
Arrest Date 02/09/2019
Court Case 201900950
Charge Driving While Impaired (M),
Description Vernon, Amy Shiree (W /F/41) Arrest on chrg of Driving While Impaired (M), at 1399 E Franklin St/e Sunset Dr, Monroe, NC, on 2/9/2019 01:21.
Arresting Officer Birchmore, B

Name Garica, Roger
Arrest Date 02/09/2019
Court Case
Charge Consume Alcohol < 19, M (M),
Description Garica, Roger (W /M/22) Arrest on chrg of Consume Alcohol < 19, M (M), at Us-601 S, Monroe, NC, on 2/9/2019 23:09.
Arresting Officer Panek, Z R