Below are the Union County arrests for 02-09-2019. You may view the mugshots by clicking the navigation arrows below.

Name Lewis, Latisha Lashawn
Arrest Date 02/09/2019
Court Case 201901183
Charge Resist, Delay, Obstruct (M),
Description Lewis, Latisha Lashawn (B /F/27) Arrest on chrg of Resist, Delay, Obstruct (M), at 524 W Phifer St, Marshville, NC, on 2/9/2019 12:32.
Arresting Officer Kropp, J P

Name Peterson, Joshua
Arrest Date 02/09/2019
Court Case
Charge 1) Breaking/Entering-Felony(Motor Vehicle) (F), 2) Larceny-Misdemeanor (M), 3) Financial Card Fraud (M), And 4) Financial Card Theft (F),
Description Peterson, Joshua (W /M/24) Arrest on chrg of 1) Breaking/entering-felony(motor Vehicle) (F), 2) Larceny-misdemeanor (M), 3) Financial Card Fraud (M), and 4) Financial Card Theft (F), at 3344 Presson Rd, Monroe, NC, on 2/9/2019 13:15.
Arresting Officer Hatley, D C