Below are the Union County arrests for 11-21-2022. You may view the mugshots by clicking the navigation arrows below.

Name Hamilton, Angela Renea
Arrest Date 11/21/2022
Court Case 202207481
Charge Order To Show Cause (M),
Description Hamilton, Angela Renea (B /F/35) Arrest on chrg of Order To Show Cause (M), at 400-BLK E Franklin St, Monroe, NC, on 11/21/2022 22:16.
Arresting Officer Craig, A L

Name Barrett, William Carol
Arrest Date 11/21/2022
Court Case 202208346
Charge Assault On Female (M),
Description Barrett, William Carol (B /M/37) Arrest on chrg of Assault On Female (M), at 4000-BLK Alice Flagg Ln, Indian Trail, NC, on 11/21/2022 11:32.
Arresting Officer Williams, C J

Name [Restricted] VICTIM of Simple Assault
Arrest Date 11-21-2022
Court Case
Description [Restricted] VICTIM of Simple Assault (C), at [Address], between 00:43, 11/21/2022 and 00:44, 11/21/2022. Reported: 00:44, 11/21/2022.
Arresting Officer Griffin, K