Below are the Union County arrests for 01-09-2019. You may view the mugshots by clicking the navigation arrows below.

Name Noonan, Matthew Wyatt
Arrest Date 01/09/2019
Court Case
Charge 1) Driving While Impaired (M) And 2) Dwlr Impaired Rev (M),
Description Noonan, Matthew Wyatt (W /M/47) Arrest on chrg of 1) Driving While Impaired (M) and 2) Dwlr Impaired Rev (M), at 3317 Sikes Mill Rd, Unionville, NC, on 1/9/2019 19:53.
Arresting Officer Macdonald, D A

Name Harriman, Kevin Chase
Arrest Date 01-09-2019
Court Case
Description Harriman, Kevin Chase (W /M/31) VICTIM of Overdose (C), at 5411 Reid Rd, Hemby Bridge, NC, between 00:27, 1/9/2019 and 00:27, 1/9/2019. Reported: 00:27, 1/9/2019.
Arresting Officer Wilds, R A