Below are the Union County arrests for 02-05-2019. You may view the mugshots by clicking the navigation arrows below.

Name Metcalf, Mikayla Camille
Arrest Date 02/05/2019
Court Case
Charge Probation Violation(Out Of County), M (M),
Description Metcalf, Mikayla Camille (W /F/19) Arrest on chrg of Probation Violation(out Of County), M (M), at 8117 Penman Springs Dr, Waxhaw, NC, on 2/5/2019 10:52.
Arresting Officer Wall, N

Name Park, Yoon Hee
Arrest Date 02/05/2019
Court Case 201900858
Charge 1) Resist, Delay, Obstruct (M) And 2) Misuse Of 911 System (M),
Description Park, Yoon Hee (W /F/33) Arrest on chrg of 1) Resist, Delay, Obstruct (M) and 2) Misuse Of 911 System (M), at 2541 Old Charlotte Hwy, Monroe, NC, on 2/5/2019 18:57.
Arresting Officer Corbalan, L

Name Ritch, Cynthia Jean
Arrest Date 02-05-2019
Court Case
Description Ritch, Cynthia Jean (W /F/46) VICTIM of Unauthorized Use Of Motor Vehicle (C), at 7201 Sutton Dr, Hemby Bridge, NC, on 00:00, 1/10/2019. Reported: 11:40, 2/5/2019.
Arresting Officer Plowman, J P