DA’s Habitual Felon Team Convicts 4 Defendants; 3 sent to prison

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –   The DA’s Habitual Felon Team and Property Team convicted four defendants during the trial week of November 26, 2012. These matters were held in courtrooms 5150 and 5370 before the Honorable Richard D. Boner and the Honorable Anna Mills Wagoner, Superior Court Judges.

Terrence Alexander, 31, was tried for 1) felony breaking or entering, 2) felony larceny and 3) being a habitual felon. The jury found Alexander guilty of felony breaking or entering and felony larceny, and he admitted his status as a habitual felon. Judge Wagoner sentenced Perry to 78-106 months in prison. Some of Alexander’s prior convictions include possession of a firearm by a felon, common law robbery and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Shawn Robinson, 38, changed his previous plea of not guilty and entered a guilty plea to three counts of trafficking in stolen identities, three counts of felony larceny, three counts of felony possession of stolen goods, one count of possession of counterfeit instruments, and one count of identity theft. Robinson was sentenced to 87-114 months in prison. Some of Robinson’s prior convictions include common law robbery, possession of a firearm by a felon and felony larceny.

When his case was called for trial, Eric Bembury, 28, changed his previous plea of  not guilty and entered a guilty plea to common law robbery. Bembury was sentenced to 15-27 months in prison. Some of Bembury’s prior convictions include robbery with a dangerous weapon and larceny of a motor vehicle.

Christopher Bethea, 20, changed his previous plea of not guilty and entered guilty pleas to 1) possession with the intent to sell or deliver marijuana, 2) felony possession of marijuana, 3) felony maintaining a dwelling to keep controlled substances, and 4) possession of drug paraphernalia. Judge Boner sentenced Bethea to 6-17 months in prison; that sentence was suspended pending his successful completion of 18 months of supervised probation. As one of his conditions of probation, Bethea must serve 30 days in jail.

Over the course of the week, any additional time in the above courtrooms was used both for guilty pleas and motions involving misdemeanor convictions appealed to Superior Court.


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