Do you have a personal story?

Calling all Charlotte crime victims!! Have you been a victim of a crime in Charlotte? If so, I would love to hear your story. Contact Me

I started this crime blog because I was a crime victim by a repeat offender. It made me angry to know how many repeat offenders we have walking the streets of Charlotte– and I wanted to let everyone else know… We have a serious crime problem in Charlotte and something must be done!

Please let me share your personal stories. Of course, you will be kept anonymous & nothing will be shared unless you want it to. I am not a reporter- just an average citizen trying to do my part to raise crime awareness in Charlotte.

EVERY crime victim suffers. It could be mentally, financially or physically. (Sometimes all 3!) How often does the victimizer pay for what they’ve done? In Mecklenburg County- they almost never do! Let’s come together & change that!

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