Don’t Be A Victim Of A Gas Station “Slider”!

sliderCHARLOTTE, NC- There is a new reason to keep a closer eye on your purses and wallets, especially while you’re filling up.

Police across the country, including Mecklenburg County, are warning drivers of a new type of thief that is targeting women’s pocketbooks at the pump.

This type of crook is called a “Slider”– police say they watch for women at gas stations who leave their purses on the passenger seats with all the doors unlocked, and are all-too-often unaware of their surroundings.

It’s the latest trick of the trade for thieves.  Police call them “sliders” because of the way they slide between the cars and quickly snatch whatever is on the passenger seat or the floor.

“If the person who is pumping gas is turned away from the car, it’s just a perfect opportunity for them to quietly sneak in, grab what they’re looking for and make a quick getaway in the cars,” police say.

The thieves have been caught on camera all across the country. In some of the videos, the drivers realize what happened and chase after the sliders. But often the victims have no idea until it’s too late.

Police call it a “crime of opportunity.”

They suggest drivers never leave their belongings unattended, even if it is only for a few seconds.

Police say the best bet is to take your purse or wallet with you to the pump. However, if you must leave it in the car, they recommend locking the doors and storing it out of sight.


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