Gaston County Man Arrested After Causing a Public Disturbance

A man in Gaston County was arrested on Wednesday after causing a public disturbance.

The incident occurred in Stanley on Wednesday morning on Second Street. According to police, the suspect, 22-year-old John William Bowen began walking down Second Street, which is notorious among officers for drug activity, and began shouting at an officer who had stopped to talk to three other individuals.

Bowen was loudly uttering swear words and screaming that he “knew his rights.” Police also reported that Bowen was trying to incite others to begin a riot. The officer at the scene began to get nervous because a crowd had begun to form around the scene of the disturbance. However, no riot occurred, and Stanley Police were able to arrest Bowen without injuries occurring. The suspect, who was charged with causing a public disturbance, was also found with half an ounce of marijuana on his person.

Bowen was taken to Gaston County Jail where he is being held with a hold on his bond.

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