Intoxicated Man Tells Rock Hill Police His Name Is “Meow”

CIC Default CrimeAccording to Rock Hill Police, a man who was intoxicated began meowing at them as they were investigating a reckless driving report on Saturday.

The report was about someone recklessly driving a Mercedes-Benz through a Hooters parking lot on Riverchase Boulevard around 11:30 p.m. Police found the vehicle unoccupied. Witnesses said the driver had been intoxicated.

Police then received a second call about the same man being in front of Hooters harassing customers. Police found the man, 25, smelling of alcohol and very intoxicated.

When an officer asked the man his name, he just said, “Meow.” When asked for his real name, the man said “Meow” again.

Police said they then asked the man for his ID, and he said he didn’t have an ID.

Officers charged the intoxicated man with public disorderly conduct and giving false information to police. An officer later found an ID that identified the man as the person who owned the Mercedes-Benz.

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