Man Accused in Bank Stamp Fraud Appears in Court

stamp_fraudA man is accused in a half a million dollar fraud scheme involving postage stamps, according to federal prosecutors.

Jimmy Lee Williams allegedly received fraud checks in order to buy stamps and resell them online, court documents show.

Williams recruited 16 people to assist in the schemes, sometimes those in financial trouble or down on their luck. Examples include a local cleaning business owner and a Concord youth football couch who was struggling financially.

Court documents show Williams had taught the accomplices the way to “conduct post office and bank fraud schemes.”

Investigators said Williams received $650,000 for the fraud.

Williams was in the federal courthouse of Charlotte Wednesday for his first appearance before a judge.

Williams was read his indictment of 29 counts against him.

If convicted, Williams could face up to 100 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines.

Williams will return to court Monday when a judge will determine whether he will receive bond or remain in jail.

Charges for the accomplices have not been released by prosecutors.

Williams received the fake check from Ronald Carr, who received charges last year for a fraud case related to this one, according to attorneys.

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