Man and Woman in Gastonia Charged With Identity Theft

A man and woman in Gastonia are behind bars after being charged with identity theft.

The suspects were identified as 24-year-old Kent Junior Dixon II and 23-year-old Surrayah Hanan Fillmore. According to police reports, the two individuals stole the identity of at least 13 victims. The suspects had attempted to open up at least eight credit card accounts in the name of other individuals, and were in possession of eight cards containing the information of their victims. The magnetic strip had not yet been encoded on the cards.

In addition to possession of these cards, the two suspects had stolen the identity of another individual to try to open up a credit card, and used their bank account to purchase $1,000 worth of merchandise at Belk.

As a result of the incidents, both were charged with financial identity fraud. Dixon was also charged with card theft with scanning device, financial card forgery, possessing more than five counterfeit instruments, marijuana possession, failure to appear, and possession a fictitious driver’s license.

Fillmore was also charged with fraudulently obtaining a credit card, financial card forgery, possession more than five counterfeit instruments, and possession a fictitious driver’s license.

The pair was arrested on Saturday in the early morning, and both were taken to Gaston County Jail where they were each booked under a $500,000 bond.

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