Man Arrested After Pointing Gun Out Car Window at Other Driver

CIC Default Crime ReportYork County Police arrested and charged a man with carrying a stolen firearm and marijuana earlier this week after a call about someone driving with a gun on Interstate 77.

The man was Lawrence Jeffery Brooks, 34, of Lowell, N.C. He was arrested at a Carowinds Boulevard gas station at 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday.

The arrest occurred after another driver reported Brooks cutting him off on the interstate then pointing a gun out the window at him, the incident report shows.

After Brooks was found in the vehicle matching the license plate and description of what the other driver reported, police also found a Bersa Thunder 9mm pistol and a clear plastic bag full of marijuana in the glove compartment.

The gun’s serial number showed it was stolen.

Brooks said he was upset with the other driver because he thought the man was purposely preventing him from merging to other lanes. He had motioned for the other driver to pull over and fight Brooks, but he said he didn’t show the gun.

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