Man Assaulted with Propane Tank Remains in Critical Condition

CIC Default Crime Scene TapeA week after a man was brutally beaten with a propane tank in north Charlotte, the victim’s family says he is still in critical condition.

The attack on Kevin Jackson, which occurred on Sept. 29, was recorded on video by a bystander. Three people had beaten Jackson with a propane tank and baseball bat.

Although the police report shows Jackson had been treated at the hospital and released, the victim’s mother, Nicole Jackson, said he has been struggling to breathe by himself since the attack. She told Channel 9 that the beating of her son is a message on the dangers of not reporting violence and that the whole thing could have been prevented.

Nicole Jackson said that the beating happened as a result of her son and his child’s mother, Aaliyah Manning, busting each other’s windows.

Then Manning came back with Dahmani Elliot, her brother, and Claudine Manning, her mother and a TSA agent, according to police.

Each of the suspects are currently in jail.

Jackson had been arrested for assaulting a female. His family says he was also a victim but hadn’t reported it, and that he and Manning always got back together.

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