Man Charged for Hitting Daughter’s Boyfriend with Shovel

CIC Default Crime Scene TapeA man in York has been charged for hitting the boyfriend of his daughter on the head with a shovel.

Eric Dwayne Rollins, 42, is charged with assault and battery after the incident Saturday at 2:40 a.m. in the 1000 block of McAfee Court.

York County police received a call to the home during which people were heard screaming in the background, the sheriff’s report said. When police arrived at the address, a woman answered the door and let them inside. She said that an argument had happened there.

Police said they found the victim, 28, on a couch with blood on his head and shirt.

According to the victim, he had been in the home’s yard arguing with his girlfriend when Rollins, the girlfriend’s father, came out there and hit the victim with a shovel, according to the report.

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