Man Faces 21 Charges After Robbing $12 From Pizza Delivery Driver

A Rock Hill man is facing more charges than dollars that he stole after robbing a pizza delivery driver of $12 in January.

According to reports, the worker from Domino’s Pizza was delivering pizza to a residence in Rock Hill on January 19. As she approached the door of the home on River Street, the suspect , who was waiting for her outside the house, pulled out a gun that was covered in a black covering, and began to demand all of her money.

The victim was carrying her purse on her at the time, which contained her phone and all of $12. The suspect stole both items.

Police later identified the suspect as Eric Neal Patton. The man was arrested on February 5 and was charged with 20 felonies at the time for everything from armed robberies and weapon crimes, to drug crimes. On Thursday, Patton was charged with yet another crime, bringing the number up to 21.

Police reports add up his bond money for all 21 felonies to a total of $487,374. 50

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