Narcotics Stolen from Fort Mill Walgreens

Police are now investigating after three masked robbers stole narcotics from a Walgreens in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

The incident happened shortly before 3:30 a.m. on Monday morning. According to police, three men were seen on a surveillance video breaking into the drive-through window of the Walgreens. All three had their faces covered. On the footage, police saw the first two suspects break the window, while another followed to break a larger hole in the glass. The suspects then entered the Walgreens and stole narcotics and other pain medications. The suspects filled bags with the stolen drugs and then fled the scene.

According to reports, another Walgreens was burglarized in a similar fashion the same morning in Columbia, South Carolina. Police have not yet said whether the two incidents are related.

As of Monday afternoon, no suspects had been apprehended for the crime.

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