Police Kill Murder Suspect

One murder suspect is dead and another is in police custody after a shootout in North Charlotte. Late Friday night, police tracked two murder suspects to a room at a Super 8 Motel on Sunset Drive. Police attempted to serve arrest warrants for Eric Randall Armstrong (L) and Michael Anthony Hall (R). Both men were wanted for the murder of Joseph Daniel Coley. (See previous post)

The two suspects opened fire at police as they attempted to enter the room and officers returned fire. Eric Armstrong was killed. The other suspect, Michael Anthony Hall, surrendered and was taken into custody. None of the officers at the scene were injured.

Yesterday, police also arrested 17 year old Raheem Pate (L) as an accessory in the murder of Joseph Coley. Pate and Hall are both in the Mecklenburg County Jail.

The murder victim, Joseph Coley, was pumping gas Thursday evening at a Sam’s Mart on Sugar Creek Road. The men shot Coley several times and then left the scene. Police are still trying to figure out a motive for the double shooting.

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5 Responses to Police Kill Murder Suspect

  1. BrokenHeart says:

    Only God can deliver these young men because the wrath that they are about feel is going to take their breath away just like they took my Daddy’s last breath.

  2. BrokenHeart says:

    These men took my Dad. They should have to spend the rest of their natural life in prison. I feel sorry for their mother’s. However, if they had real mothers my dad would be still alive. Words cannot express what they’ve done to my family and I. I am outraged and I hope Charlotte Police are doing all they can to stop this senselessness.
    posted by BrokenHeart at 7:42 PM

  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for both the murders and the daughter who lost her father. My God have mercy on both.

  4. Anonymous says:

    THis ISsue has bothered me for years.. Eric was also a victim of the mind of someone who does not care not even for a friend… He also killed Eric my brother and i wish the lord have mercy on Ike's soul for taking an father, son brother and uncle and most important a friend of someo9ne who cares… But only God knows who will suffer and who will not… So it is all in God's Hands… Sorry Broken HEart for your lost things has gotten better as we all wait for this trail.

  5. whitney says:

    Iam sorry for everyone lost there.. Ike's my husband he's doing is time.. But everyone has lost someone in this matter