‘Red Underwear Rapist’ Charged

UPDATE: 8/21/2007: Rivera is back in Charlotte.

Last week, police discovered Jose Cristobal Rivera-Mejia‘s DNA matched that of the suspect in three different unsolved rape cases from 2004 & 2005. Rivera is an illegal alien & repeat offender who has managed to accumulate nine arrests and ten felony charges within the past three years. This isn’t counting the 16 felony charges related to the three rape cases.

Rivera was deported last November after he was arrested and identified as an illegal alien… He re-entered the US within months and continued his criminal behavior. Rivera’s latest arrest was on June 19th. He was charged with breaking and entering with force, larceny and resisting a police officer.

Once again, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Dept. sent Rivera back to Atlanta for deportation. In the meantime, police forensically connected Rivera to the three rapes. All deportation efforts were stopped. Rivera will return to Charlotte to face the rape related charges.

Police have confirmed Rivera is the ‘red underwear rapist,’ who attacked a woman on East Blvd in September 2005. The victim was jogging in the Dilworth community when Rivera (wearing only red underwear) grabbed her, took her behind a building at knife point and raped her. Rivera attacked another woman after he talked his way into her home and he attacked the third victim outside her apartment.

The Charlotte Observer printed an article today titled, ‘Deported, but not out of U.S. for Good.’ The article sheds some light on some deported illegal alien repeat offenders who continue to come back to the states… and commit more crime.

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