Road Rage Leads To Accident With Serious Injuries

Jessica Ekwuruibe

Jessica Ekwuruibe

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police said a road rage incident led to an accident that seriously injured two people on LaSalle Street.

A Charlotte woman is facing charges, accused of hitting two people with her car while chasing another woman.

Police said the incident involved two cars that began weaving and speeding in and out of traffic.

Jessica Ekwuruibe, 23, has been charged with reckless driving, felony hit-and-run and assault.

Police said she was driving a black Toyota Camry car down Lasalle Street chasing another car when she hit two people helping a friend put gas in his stranded SUV.

Police said the two cars kept going, pulled into a gas station, got out of their cars and kept fighting until police arrived.

One of the victims hit was an off-duty city employee.

Police said the other driver involved in the road rage incident was not charged and allowed to leave.

Police said both of the people hit should be fine and suffered some bruises and broken bones.

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