Rock Hill Man Flees Hit and Run in Golf Cart

A Rock Hill man has police scratching their heads after he fled the scene of a hit and run in a golf cart.

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon on Herlong Avenue. According to reports, the suspect was pulling out of a driveway in a golf cart when he struck a 2010 Malibu Chevrolet. The golf cart smashed into the driver’s side of the vehicle and caused $1,500 in damage.

Following the collision, the man in the golf cart sprang out of the seat, picked up items that had fallen out of the golf cart during the crash, and drove away on Estes Drive.

According to reports, the Chevrolet needed to be towed due to the damage, but there were no injuries reported.

Police have been unable to find the suspect or his golf cart. Witnesses to the event said that they saw the suspect drive into the car in his white and blue golf cart and then flee the scene. Police are now conducting investigations and searching for the suspect.

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