Rock Hill Man Found With Meth, Told Police It Was Rock Salt

PatrickA man in Rock Hill told police that the almost 20 grams of methamphetamine found in his truck was rock salt, police said.

William Moore Patrick, 55, was awaiting warrants at the Moss Justice Center in York on Tuesday, according to jail records.

Someone reported seeing a white Toyota Tacoma at the Econo Lodge involved in drug deal at Cherry and Riverview roads on Monday around 9:45 p.m. Officers responded and stopped a vehicle with that description in the 1200 block of Ebinport Road. Patrick was the driver.

Officers found 19 grams of meth in a clear bag on the passenger side floorboard and in the side door panel on the driver’s side they found 96 units of Xanax.

Patrick told police the meth was rock salt that he would eat sometimes while he was working, according to the police report. When tested, the bag came back positively as meh.

Police also found four more Xanax pills and 1 gram of crack cocaine in Patrick’s cigarette pack.

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