Stupid Crime of the Week: Intoxicated Man Wearing a Kilt Arrested After Making Threats From a Rooftop

Police arrested a man after he was found on top of a roof wearing a kilt and tactical vest and issuing threats.

The incident happened in Salisbury on Thursday at around 3:00 in the morning. A highly intoxicated man wearing a kilt arrived at the Nashville Nights bar. The suspect was acting strange and issuing threats to anyone who talked to him or looked at him. He appeared to be armed so the bouncer of the bar called police and kept an eye on the suspect.

The suspect then left the bar without purchasing any alcoholic beverages, and was out of sight before the police arrived.

Police later found the man on the roof of Rainbow Vacuums, which had apparently taken considerable skill and effort to scale. According to eyewitnesses, he was crouched on top of the roof growling and making a scene.

Officers were able to remove the man from the roof of the building and arrested him. He was identified as Brian Timothy Allen. He was in possession of several weapons, including three concealed knives that were hidden in the folds of his kilt. The man acted pleasantly towards police, so he was issued a citation for carrying a concealed weapon, and then released.

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