Stupid Crime of the Week: Intruder Breaks Into Apartment, Cleans, Then Leaves

Police in Arlington are baffled after they say an intruder entered an apartment home while the owner was away, cleaned it, and then left.

The incident happened in the 1500 of Clarendon Boulevard in Arlington on Monday. The owner of the apartment reported that she had been away on a trip, and had come home to find things looking drastically different from how she had left them. However, while intruders normally make a mess of the home and come away with stolen items, the resident discovered that the living space was much cleaner, and that, although items were moved, nothing had been taken.

The victim of the strange crime was unable to tell police who might have committed it, and had not seen the intruder when they had arrived home.

While many people pay good money for the type of service that was rendered on the home, unlawfully entering a home for any reason is still illegal, and police are now searching for the person responsible for this tidy trespass.

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