Stupid Crime of the Week: Man is Hit By Own Car While Fleeing From Police

A man was arrested after he was hit by his own car while fleeing from police.

The incident began when an officer attempted to pull over a man in a vehicle in Virginia. Officers noticed an equipment violation and attempted to make the traffic stop at the intersection of Richmond Highway and Arlington Drive in Alexandria, Virginia.

The suspect refused to stop, and drove for several miles while police initiated a chase. The suspect, who was drunk as a skunk, weaved in and out of Starbucks parking lots and took a chaotic route through the city before deciding that it would be prudent to bail from the car.

The strange maneuver did not work, however, as the suspect’s car was still moving at the time. The man was struck by his own car, and then arrested by waiting police.

Police identified the suspect as 30-year-old Issac C. Bonsu. Bonsu, who has had several other charges including three DWIs in the past, was charged with DWI, possession of marijuana, driving with a revoked license, hit and run, disregarding blue lights, tint violation, and possession of an open container with operating a motor vehicle.

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