Stupid Crime of the Week: Man With Name Tattooed on Neck Tries to Give False Identity

A man with his name tattooed on his neck tried to give police a false identity in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

According to police, the man was a passenger in a vehicle that police suspected to be part of a drug deal. The car was seen speeding from the parking lot where the drug deal had taken place, and initiated a pursuit of the vehicle.

They caught up to the vehicle after several minutes, and conducted a traffic stop. When they pulled the vehicle over, the officer recognized the passenger as 35-year-old Chad M. Stitch, whom he had arrested several years previously. When asked for his name, however, Stitch told police that he was actually named Chad Majors.

The officer quickly pointed out that he knew his real name. The suspect still denied the name, so police then drew attention to a tattoo on his neck reading “Stitch.”

Police found 40 bags of heroin, 23 Ecstasy tablets, and marijuana, along with some cash.

Stitch was taken to Westmoreland County Jail where he is being held under a $300,000 bond with charges of false identification as well as drug charges. The driver of the vehicle is being charged with drunk driving.

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