Stupid Crime of the Week: Ohio Couple Uses Ketchup to Fake a Murder

A couple in Ohio has been charged after faking a murder and sending pictures of the “crime scene” to family and friends.

The incident occurred in the town of Sandusky, Ohio. The couple were Micah Risner and his fiancée Nataleigh Schlette. In a prank that everyone universally agreed was not funny, Schlette posed in a bathtub that was smeared with what looked like a whole bottle of ketchup. Risner then placed a knife near his fiancée, and took a picture of the faux murder scene.

Risner then texted the photo to family members including his sister Mimi. Risner texted his sister saying that he didn’t remember doing the crime, but awoke to the bloody scene. Risner asked his sister to come over and assist him in covering up the crime. According to reports, the sister began texting him suggestions on how to dispose of the evidence.

Police eventually arrived on the scene, but instead of finding a gruesome scene and a violent killer, they found Schlette alive and well, and an empty bottle of ketchup. Risner and Schlette allegedly told police that they had committed the prank in order to get Risner’s sister to come to their house as she owed them money.

The couple were charged with inducing panic, and Sandusky police issued a warning to the community that pranks like this can put others in dangerous situations. The officers hope that the couple have learned their lesson as a result of the incident.

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