Stupid Crime of the Week: Trail of Stolen Cash Leads Police to Bank Robbery Suspect

A bank robber in New Jersey was caught by police after leaving a trail of stolen cash for them to follow.

The incident took place in Milltown, New Jersey, on Wednesday. According to police reports, the suspect, identified as 32-year-old Jeffrey Wolfman, approached a bank teller after entering the Peapack-Gladstone Bank.

Wolfman took the cash that was handed over, and began to run from the scene of the crime.

The suspect, however, did not have a very good grip on the cash, which kept flying from his hands as he fled, leaving little doubt about both his location and his guilt.

When police found the suspect, he was also carrying the clothing that he had worn to rob the bank, and which perfectly matched the description given by employees at the bank.

Police were able to gather the dropped currency from the ground where it had been dropped by the suspect, and confiscated it as evidence of the robbery.

Wolfman was arrested and charged with second-degree robbery.

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