Stupid Crime of the Week: Woman Burglarizes Home and Steals Stuffed Zebra Head

Desiree Fuller, 38, has been arrested and charged with felony burglary and theft, after a security camera caught her breaking into an Anchorage home and walking out with a massive, wall-mounted zebra head.

The owner of the home, Stacey Scott, came home last Friday evening to find that a thief had broken into her home and stolen clothing, jewelry, prescription drugs, and the wall-mounted zebra head. The security camera Scott had installed at her front door revealed the perpetrator forcibly entering the residence, and carrying the stolen items into a waiting cab she had called to pick her up.

Police arrested the suspect, Desiree Fuller, at the Anchorage motel where the cab had dropped her off. According to officials, the police were able to call the dispatch of the cab company and find out where the particular cab had taken Fuller.

Most of the stolen items have been recovered, but the whereabouts of the zebra, called “George” by owner, Scott, still remain unknown.

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