Suspect sentenced in a Rape Cold Case

On 11-5-1994, a 17 yr old female was attacked inside her home by a male acquaintance who she knew by an alias name. The suspect tied the victim up with an electrical cord and sexually assaulted her. He was armed with a pistol and attempted to shoot the victim more than once as she fought back. He missed with his shots but was able to strike the victim several times in the head with the pistol itself.

Based on the initial investigation a potential suspect was identified as: Rodney Labrinth Miller. Mr. Miller appeared to have left North Carolina and the case remained open pending further developments.

The Sexual Assault Cold Case Unit obtained a positive forensic match to Miller and prepared the case for prosecution. The Mecklenburg County District Attorneys Office accepted the case for prosecution and warrants were signed on April 28th 2006. Mr. Miller was charged with Attempted Murder, ADW with the Intent to Kill and Inflicting Serious Injury, 1st degree Rape, 1st degree Sex Offense and 1st degree Kidnapping.

Mr. Miller was arrested in Shreveport, LA and returned to Charlotte in July 2008.

On Feb 6th, 2009, Rodney Miller appeared in the Mecklenburg County Superior Court and pled guilty to the above incident. Rodney Miller was sentenced to 22 yrs to 27 years in NC Department of Corrections.

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