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Cregg Anthony Bess III

Gastonia police officers arrested a local man Sunday afternoon after he shouted obscene language on a megaphone. Cregg Anthony Bess III used the megaphone to call his neighbors and President Barrack Obama derogatory names. Among other things, he said the President Obama …Read More

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Tyrice Brice

Officers with the Gastonia Police Department arrested a man after he ran into a gym completely naked on Friday evening. Twenty-eight year-old Tyrice Brice was arrested and charged with indecent exposure for entering the Erwin Center’s gym area without any clothes …Read More

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Joseph Hale

Police in Gastonia arrested the two men allegedly responsible for blowing up a mailbox on Friday morning. At about 3:00 that morning, an explosion was heard by a resident on Linwood Road. That person saw smoke coming from a mailbox …Read More

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Forty-eight year-old Cassandra Yvette Ford had been missing since Friday when she did not make it at a bus station that was supposed to take her to Maryland. Click here to read the story we covered on her disappearance. The Gastonia …Read More

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