Teen Given Probation for Shooting Puppy with BB Gun

demonte-douglasA teenager from Rock Hill was sentenced this week to 18 months probation for shooting a puppy 18 times with a BB gun.

The incident took place in February of last year. At the time Douglas was 17. Another teenager was at the scene and at the time was also charged. It was later concluded that the other teen, age 14, did not fire any shots on the puppy.

The puppy was six weeks old at the time of the attack. The veterinarian was unable to remove any of the BBs because of the age of the puppy and how deeply they were embedded in the muscle. The BBs had to be left to come out of the puppy on their own.

728718-puppy-shot-18-times-with-bb-gun-21b45A man nearby reported the incident, and the animal was taken by police to Ebenezer Animal Hospital. The puppy was later named “Brody”, and was eventually adopted by a family in need of a new therapy dog.

De’Monte Douglas, age 18, had faced up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. However, under the youthful offender act, Douglas was given the 18 months of probation instead. His representation in court, Devon Nielson appealed to the judge, saying that the youthful offender act is in place to keep incidents like this from ruining the rest of these teenagers’ lives. The defender also stressed that Douglas had no other incidents on his record, and that he was working towards his Graduation Equivalency Diploma.

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