Threat Written on Bathroom Stall in Charlotte School

Parents, teachers, and students alike are unnerved after a threat of a school shooting was scribbled in marker on the stall door of a bathroom in Ardrey Kell High School.

The message was written in a boy’s restroom in the C Hallway on the stall door of the handicap stall. The threat which read “School shooting February 17th, 2017. Don’t come to school,” was discovered on Tuesday morning. Police believe that the person who wrote the message must have done so sometime after school on Monday night.

After the message was discovered, the principal of Ardrey Kell High School sent a note home with the students updating parents on what was happening. The note explained the message that was found, as well as revealing that another such message had been discovered online on social media. In the note, parents were comforted to read that the school plans on having a great deal of extra security at the school on Friday.

As of Wednesday, officials planned on having school as usual on the 17th, but have taken the threat very seriously by collaborating with CMPD to put safety protocols in place to protect all those within the school.

In the meantime, the school as well as CMPD are investigating the source of the threats, and hope to find the person responsible.

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