Three Arrested for Shooting at Police Officers

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have three suspects in custody after a shooting that occurred as the suspects were leaving the parking lot of the Bahama Mama nightclub on Independence Blvd. The shooting occurred around 12:50 this morning. No police officers or bystanders were injured during the incident.

Police say four CMPD police officers were working off-duty at the business park adjacent to the Studio 74 and Bahama Mama nightclubs. The officers started walking toward the Bahama Mama nightclub to investigate shots fired. As the officers walked toward the club, a white Nissan Maxima with four suspects inside exited the parking lot.

The suspect occupying the right front passenger seat was leaning out the window firing shots toward the officers as the vehicle traveled inbound on Independence Blvd. CMPD Sergeant Gregg Collins returned fire, striking two of the passengers. One was hit in the hand and the other in the hip. The officers returned to their vehicles, pursued the suspect vehicle and successfully stopped the vehicle in the 3200 block of Eastway Drive.

Three of the four suspects have been charged. The driver of the vehicle, Brian McCrary (Top Photo) and the shooter, a juvenile, are charged with four counts of Assault With A Deadly Weapon on a Law Enforcement Officer. Passenger Jarvis Reed (Bottom Photo) is charged with possession of marijuana. The fourth passenger was not charged.

As is standard procedure, detectives are conducting the criminal investigation. Internal Affairs is conducting a separate, parallel internal investigation. Sgt. Collins is on administrative leave, a customary step in officer-involved shootings.

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