Three Wanted for Stealing Guns From Lancaster Store

Three people are wanted after they stole firearms from a store in Lancaster this week.

The incident took place on Monday night at Steele’s Taxes and Guns near the S.C. 9 Bypass. According to police reports, three men, one of whom was shirtless at the time of the incident, entered the store and stole multiple handguns.

Police say that they have not yet been able to identify the suspects. The shirtless man used a t-shirt to partially obscure his features, one man wore a bandana on his face, and the third man wore a t-shirt over his face, completely obscuring it.

Investigators are now trying to locate the three suspects. They were able to retrieve surveillance photos of the three suspects, and are asking anyone with information on the incident or suspects to contact police at 803-283-3313 or 803-289-6040.

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