Two Cold Cases from 2000 Solved

Biological evidence led CMPD’s Sexual Assault Cold Case detectives to identify and charge two suspects in separate sexual assaults from 2000.

Christopher Lynn Porter, 31, pled guilty yesterday and received a sentence of 12 1/2- 16 years for the June 6, 2000 rape of a woman off Milton Road on Barrington Drive.

In the early morning hours on June 4, 2000, the victim was walking home when Christopher Porter first approached her. A few minutes later he returned with a bandana covering his face, forced her behind the apartments and robbed & raped her at knife point.

Porter has been in custody in South Carolina on federal drug charges and was brought to Mecklenburg County to face charges of first degree rape, first degree kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Porter will be returned to the South Carolina prison to serve the remainder of that sentence. When released in 2011, he will be brought back to Mecklenburg County to serve the sentence in this case.

Michael Neville Watson, 33, was arrested on December 21, 2007 in New Orleans on a fugitive warrant for the June 11, 2000 sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl off Wilkinson Boulevard.

On June 11, 2000, two victims (father and daughter) were at a storage facility loading papers for delivery when the suspect, armed with a shotgun, approached them. The suspect restrained the father, robbed them and then drove around with the daughter before sexually assaulting her.

Watson was transported to Charlotte after his arrest in New Orleans and has been charged with two counts of first degree sexual assault, two counts of kidnapping and two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon. Watson is being held in the Mecklenburg County Jail with a $350,000 bond.

9 Responses to Two Cold Cases from 2000 Solved

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep them both LOCKED!!! for good

  2. Anonymous says:

    Really, theres no need to release either one of these criminals back into society. Whats the point? Both acts comitted are violent. Violent felons shouldnt be returned to society. What will they really do? Go to school, get a real job and start doing hte right thing? Somehow, after spending time in the clink, I dont think either one will be rehabilitated!

  3. Anonymous says:

    My friend, maybe I mispelled it, but I want to say,that you are right, there is no rehabitition for these thugs, they want to make an impression to the Gangs, such as the BLOODS and the CRIPS, Our laws don’t apply to them. We are at there mercy. The Clintonites advocate such behaveour. It’s a liberal plot to overthrow the goverment, thru total caos.They have no respect for the law or anything else.

  4. Anonymous says:

    These 2 punks need 50-60 years in the state pen. Hopefully they’ll be dead before they can serve out the sentences.

  5. BLB says:

    Once more with the “Clintonites”
    When is this (fairy tale) going to end?

    It’s about how long they stay in prison and the lawyers and the judges and the state law makers.
    Not a political party. But hay lets go there for a little—–

    How can you blame the “Clintonites?”
    (If there is such a thing). Why not the NEOCON’s and the BUSHies.
    For all the money they spent on the war. Money that could have gone to police departments to fight crime, not a war in IRAQ that keeps going on and on and the reason for which (the war) has changed more than the weather. Then there are the CIA tapes, outing of a CIA officer, mobile germ labs, yellow cake and those WMD’s. Wow and all Clinton did was getting caught lying about a sexual tryst with a consenting adult. I do know this; my 401K was making money hand over fist then. Not now under GWB.

    Want to stop crime, stop the causes of crime. Fund police programs and DA’s. Pass law’s that hit at crime from a money level.
    Fund drug and mental health programs in jails and prisons.

  6. Southside Slim says:

    Hey BLB, the Clintonites wont allow that to happen, that would defeat their purpose. They think jail and prison are cruel and unjust treatment. Remember they don’t look at criminals as criminals they see them as victoms, I really wish this had a spell check. I advocate prison no more than 5 years, any longer sentence should be death. I pay enough taxes already. The true victoms of these thugs would concur with me. I would like for someone to support me for the rest of my life. How about you ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I might be wrong but Porter looks like a predator’s mug that came up during a “myspace” incident with a 13 yr old in Union County????

  8. BLB says:

    Well Slim
    What an enlightened out look you have on humanity and your place in it.
    I don’t advocate free loading. For the record during the Clinton administration prison sentences for drug offenders were made longer the fines were increased. Drug crimes involving firearms rated tougher penalties from a federal side. This year under the Bush administration drug sentences were reduced for crack to mirror those of powder cocaine. During this administration funding and grants for local law enforcement to hire officers and fight gangs and drug crimes were reduced or diverted to homeland security, which has proven to be a big boondoggle. As far as killing people who commit crimes instead of prison sentences maybe we should also just scrap the constitution and the courts system and just have officers shoot people for being suspects in a crime. Lots of tax money saved by doing that. Then we could shoot the homeless and those with mental health problems, big savings there. Or we could make orphans and the elderly clean the streets big savings on your tax money there. We could cut off medical care to people who don’t have insurance let them die in the street. Lots of tax money there. And the troops coming back who are injured and /or have PTSD, we could just cut them right out or reduce their benefits. Oh wait we are doing that.
    OR we could get out of IRAQ which is costing the American tax payer around 250 million dollars a day. Or we could divert all that money and resources to fight the real war in Afghanistan which is where I believe Osama and his bunch launched their attack from—not IRAQ.

  9. Rev. Latrell Smith says:

    What the heck is a Clintonite ? Man you got some serious problems with your way of thinking. Maybe there is something going on that I don’t know about, but I thought these are people that had broke the law, why not punish them and let it go. I don’t know the answers, but I do know that killing them will not solve anything. That breeds more contemp for the law.